dENiZEN - We Are Explorers
Denizen from Levi's: Is it an ad? Or entertainment?
Fly Films' first foray into the brave new world of Webisode series.

Working with JWT, we traveled to three continents, fifteen cities, a desert in India, a rainforest in Mexico and a film studio backlot in Shanghai to create a global digital campaign for Levi's new brand, Denizen.

Along the way we invited six explorers from all over the world to join us in the search for inspiration to create their own custom-designed pairs of jeans.

Whether our explorers were jumping out airplanes in Mexico or putting jeans on an elephant in India, we worked closely with JWT to create a ground-breaking digital campaign that's already been nominated for a couple awards.

You can see all the videos here: - but to check out one of our favorites, see the video above.